Maria Eugenia Almeida and Marina Abbib of Compania Soma Danca
31 March 2011

Naturalmente, by Antonio Nobrega

Naturalmente, is the name of Antonio Nobrega’s latest dance and music show travelling around Brazil.
Nogrega is one of brazil’s principal folklorists. A native of Recife, Pernambuco, he began his artistic career as a classical violinist before being introduced to traditional popular culture by one Ariano Suassuna. Nobrega became enamored with the myriad of artistic manifestations [...]

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19 March 2011

Obama in Brazil.

US President Barrak Obama would like to be on vacation in Brazil, but sadly, a president has to attend to presidential matters. And so being, Obama arrives in Brazil today to a Brazil very different from the one former US presidents Roosevelt and Bush Jr visited. Brazil today is a country full of confidence, a [...]

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14 March 2011

Beija Flor! Champion of Rio Carnival 2011

The champion of Rio de Janeiro’s 2011 Carnival samba school competition is Beija Flor! This last Saturday they took to the avenue of the sambodromo at the parade of champions to the peoples delight. The samba school fro Nilopolis has won 6 times in the last 10 years. In the official competition, Beija Flor was [...]

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2 March 2011

The coolest Brazilian brands

There are a lot of things that have led to the recent internationalization of Brazil. Of course, of course we have their increased visibility on the international level because of the improved economic situation in the country. The economy is finally maturing and the increase in expendable income  in the hands [...]

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28 February 2011

Carnival in North America

Carnival is fast approaching and residents of the USA and Canada might be wondering g what there is to do to bring that carnival cheer to north America.
Umm that’s a good question… There are tons of parties I’m sure, a lot of stuff on the local level, smaller parties and bigger parties, but is there [...]

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22 February 2011

Blocos, the Spirit of Carnival.

Blocos can be loosely equated with the American block party. You see the connection right? ‘bloco’ and ‘block.’ So it means a block or grouping of people together partying. It also means the city block that such a  party takes up (in many parts of Brazil they can take up several blocks and a square).

So, [...]

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17 February 2011

Maracanã Stadium and Flamengo

Seeing as Flamengo played yesterday, I thought I’d recount a little tale of the time I went to see Flamengo play in the Maracanã. A few notes on Flamengo: Their fan base is the largest and most fanatic, in Brazil, there are several different associations, the most famous of which is the Urubus, or the [...]

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9 February 2011

Fire in Samba City! Carnival Costumes and Floats destroyed

Sad news is made its way through the world of samba and across Rio de Janeiro on Monday . A fire at Samba City, Rio’s district near the port lands that houses many of the samba schools and the federation that deals with Carnival parades, destroyed the warehouses of 3 samba schools and the head [...]

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31 January 2011

The parallel universe ~ Universo Paralelo

Once a year in a remote tropical beach side of Bahia state in Brazil, an alternative community creates a liminal state; a so called ‘free society’, or a ‘parallel universe’. Some people would prefer to call it a rave (or in Brazil a ‘haivee‘) festival. The participants and promoters of the festival are part of [...]

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23 January 2011

Rio Olympics Logo Debacle.

On New Year’s Eve, Brazil’s Olympic commission revealed the official logo for the 2016 Olympics. While crowds cheered and the commission shook hands with dignitaries, voices around the world, especially in the bloggosphere cried “plagarism!!!” Not very flattering for the design team to hear I’m sure.
Here is what the financial times had to say: “What at first [...]

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