About Rio Mate

For the people of Rio De Janeiro, a day at the beach just isn’t complete without a tall, ice-cold glass of máte – a refreshing herbal iced tea brewed from toasted yerba mate, lightly sweetened and blended on the spot with fresh lemonade. Prized for its smooth flavour and healthy reputation, máte is the classic summer drink of Brazil.

Now Treehugger Organics brings this tradition to North America with Rio Máte –  an authentic Brazilian-style iced tea brewed from certified organic Brazilian mate and bottled in Canada. The leaves are hand-selected by our growers, dried, and then aged for two years before being toasted and brewed. This allows the delicate flavour of mate to come through, with no need for heavy sweetening.

You can find Rio Mate in these fresh flavours:


Smooth, slightly sweet and a hint of lemon – just like you’d get on the beach

Rio Máte ClassicoRio Máte Classico NFP


Classic mate with a lip-smacking lemon punch

Rio Máte LemonRio Máte Lemon NFP


No sugar, no calories – just lots of full-on flavour

Rio Máte UnsweetenedRio Máte Unsweetened NFP