14 March 2011

Beija Flor! Champion of Rio Carnival 2011

The champion of Rio de Janeiro’s 2011 Carnival samba school competition is Beija Flor! This last Saturday they took to the avenue of the sambodromo at the parade of champions to the peoples delight. The samba school fro Nilopolis has won 6 times in the last 10 years. In the official competition, Beija Flor was [...]

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Museum of Modern Art, Niteroi, RJ, Brazil Pics taken from bbc site
17 December 2010

Niemeyer at 103…

I will take a wild guess at why Oscar Niemeyer, perhaps the worlds most famous living architect, and a bona fide Brazilian, is still going at 103. It is the cold mate that he drinks on the daily. Seriously folks, mate is very beneficial for your health, just ask Oscar Neimeyer.

Ok so the [...]

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8 November 2010

The Olympics & Green Construction in Rio

With the forthcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the Cidade Marvelhosa, the Marvelous City, is gearing up for an influx of tourists over the next couple of years (that is, more than the usual hordes that visit the city). Rio has been going through a sort of rejuvenation recently. Not only are the [...]

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19 August 2010

Brazil in New York!

A brief summary and view on Brazil in New York City: the syncronicity, the Brasil Day events and the hot spots and coolness! New York is a little bit cooler these days because people everywhere can now find Rio Máte ice tea at select locations! (link coming soon!) And in honor of this I thought I’d do a little run down on the cool Brazilian happenings in New York.

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18 August 2010

Vinicius de Moraes Brazilian Ambassador

Vinicius de Moraes is a great figure of modern Brazilian popular culture. A composer of bossanova and a playwright, he was an esteemed diplomat in the early post-war period of the modern state of Brazil. He is most renowned for his compositions in partnership with Antonio Carlos Jobim, such as the song “A Garota de [...]

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3 March 2010

Jessica, samba dancin’ in Rio

Last summer Rio Mate sponsored Samba Dance workshops at Lula Lounge in the increasingly gentrified neighbourhood of Dundas West. Jessica De Cruz Semedo, our hero in this blog post, is a Torontonian of Cape Verdean descent and has a dance company called Afro-Lusophone. You can see her and her dancers at numerous events around the [...]

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22 February 2010

Carnival Samba Schools Parade of Champions

It’s no secret and the whole world knows that Unidos da Tijuca has won the 2010 Rio de Janeiro Samba School competition held every year at the Sambodromo. It is the first time that Unidos da Tijuca has won in 73 years. You can imagine the emotion running through the community that makes up this [...]

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19 February 2010

Rio Street Carnival is Blocos!

One of Rio’s carnivals is the more ‘popular’ carnival. The street carnival revived in the last decade from the old days. It is the carnival of the majority of the residents, and this carnival is blocos and blocinhos. What are blocos? Basically a bloco is a group of people getting together with a band, usually a 5 peice percussion section and lotsa horns + a singer or singers. They play music and dance and drink and drink and dance and parade and act merry.

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21 December 2009

Festival of Lights Dec 21st Kensington Market

On the longest night of the year, Kensington Market becomes a winter carnival in its purest Canadian form… Red Pepper Spectacle Arts at once pays tribute to the winter solstice, carnival traditions from Europe and Brazil, and our land’s Natives Peoples’ heritage and folklore. A procession through Kensington Market and the celebration of fire and [...]

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9 November 2009

aluCine Latin Media Festival

aluCine is the premiere showcase of cutting-edge Latin short film and video and we have the pleasure of being a sponsor.
aluCine? really, what does that name mean?… hmm lets see, from my layman non-film nerd lens, I see revolutionary Latin film makers dropping acid and partaking in some seriously existential and university educated super-8 guerrilla [...]

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