9 August 2010

Axé Capoeira Batizado 2010

Axé Capoeira, one of the most famous contemporary capoeira groups outside of Brazil, held their annual Batizado (baptism) in Toronto, Canada last weekend.
A batizado in contemporary capoeira terminology is when a young capoeirista or capoeira player is initiated into the greater “capoeira family” by a take down in a capoeira game. This take-down is administered [...]

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Contra-Mestre Lua Branca at an outdoor roda
6 July 2010

Capoeira roda at Afrofest

This coming Saturday Toronto plays host to its yearly festival Afrofest, a hugely popular African Music and Arts festival that attracts thousands of people to Queen’s Park.

It is perhaps the most fitting location for that most African of Brazilian cultural manifestations, capoeira. Capoeira, for those not yet acquainted with it, is the Afro-Brazilian martial art [...]

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Picture from 2010 FICA Capoeira Women's Conference in Oakland California USA
31 May 2010

Women in Capoeira

Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian folguedo (cultural manifestation), a martial art set to music that involves the exchange of symbolic and non-symbolic attack and defensive moves in a game between two capoeiristas. The game of capoeira has for the most part been the domain of men, with women’s involvement in capoeira limited by cultural norms of the [...]

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29 January 2010

10 year alumni capoeira roda in Toronto

Just recently, on Saturday January 23rd, there was a celebration of 10 years of solid capoeira in Toronto. The event was organized by Monitor Saci of Capoeira Camara. Capoeira Camara is led by Contra Mestre Bola, and he has been active in the Tdot since 2000. While there were several groups active before this, Bola [...]

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23 December 2009

Roda Aberta a big success!

The recent Roda Aberta or Open Capoeira Roda, hosted by Instrutor Falcão and supervised by Contra Mestre Lua from Malês Capoeira, was a huge success, with lots of axé (good energy). Present were various groups from around the city of Toronto, and even a contingent from Rochester, New York. Some of the most notable attendees [...]

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14 December 2009

Open Capoeira Roda! hosted by Falcão

On Friday, December 18th, 2009 at 8:00pm Grupo Capoeira Malês (pronounced malays) will be having an open end of the year roda. All capoeiristas from all groups are welcome to participate. The focus of the roda will be giving the beginners the opportunity to play…a lot, as well as the more advanced. Please come and share your energy and experience as we bring 2009 to a close and prepare for 2010!

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10 December 2009

Brazilian scene in Montréal

Since Rio Máte launched and this website became active, our blog posts have been focusing mostly on either Brazil itself, or the Brazilian arts community and affiliates in Toronto, where Rio Máte is currently available. However, just across the provincial borders in Québec, there is another great Canadian Metropolis, Montréal. Low and behold Montréal has [...]

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10 September 2009

Long Weekend of Brazil! BrazilFest and Brazilian Day Canada

This weekend was the weekend of Brazil in Canada, as several Brazilian festivals and events took place around Toronto, culminating in the Brazilian Independence day celebration at Dundas Square, the 1st annual Brazilian Day Canada.
Ok lets start with the weekend as a whole… On Friday night,  Hot and Spicy Food Festival, Circus Alchemy performed their [...]

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4 September 2009

Brazilfest 2009 Earls Court Park Toronto!

OK this is the weekend of the Brazilphile in Toronto!
I dont know how exactly this is going to play out with three big Brazil related events going on and a long weekend where many Torontonians choose to leave the city. But I know that al of all these events will be banging and full of [...]

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28 August 2009

Capoeira Malês Batizado 2009

On August 2oth through the 23rd, Contra Mestre Lua Branca and the students of Grupo Capoeira Malês Toronto held their 6th Batizado & Troca de Cordas. The energy was high and positive as many masters and professors were visiting for the event. Students from several groups across the city and Vancouver, Seattle, Detroit and Florida [...]

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