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31 January 2011

The parallel universe ~ Universo Paralelo

Once a year in a remote tropical beach side of Bahia state in Brazil, an alternative community creates a liminal state; a so called ‘free society’, or a ‘parallel universe’. Some people would prefer to call it a rave (or in Brazil a ‘haivee‘) festival. The participants and promoters of the festival are part of [...]

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23 January 2011

Rio Olympics Logo Debacle.

On New Year’s Eve, Brazil’s Olympic commission revealed the official logo for the 2016 Olympics. While crowds cheered and the commission shook hands with dignitaries, voices around the world, especially in the bloggosphere cried “plagarism!!!” Not very flattering for the design team to hear I’m sure.
Here is what the financial times had to say: “What at first [...]

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21 January 2011

The Gringo Carnival Pilgrimage.

The season has started and it is in full swing. Thousands of gringos (non-brazilians in Brazil) from the world over descend upon the cities of Recife, Salvador and especially Rio de Janeiro to play or dance or simply galavant around in carnival. In cities all around the world, from New York to Amsterdam to Tokyo you [...]

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Gal Costa, a legend of MPB, in a round table discussion
11 January 2011

Talking Jazz, New York Times style, feat. Gal Costa

BraZil’s biggest export? Coffee you say? yes well you may be right, but I would argue that first if not a close second is music. Music is the domain of everyone in Brazil. In Brasil it is a national pass-time. From the masses of people in impoverished neighbourhoods to the more ‘refined’ upper classes… p’shaw… Brazilian music, [...]

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30 December 2010

New Year’s eve or ‘Réveillon’ in Brazil

On New Year’s Eve, or réveillon, as it is known in Brazil, people wear white: freshly laundered, neatly pressed. They are worn so that one can start the new year in a pure and clean fashion. In many parts of Brazil, the new year is also an auspicious day of Yemanja, the Orixá goddess of the sea, who is celebrated in the new year with flowers and little boats with candles set adrift into the sea.

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16 December 2010

Summer Olympics in Rio 2016

“The world has recognised that the time has come for Brazil,” said President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
By now almost everyone has heard that the Games of the 31st Olympiad will be held in South America for the first time in 2016. Rio de Janeiro has been awarded the honour to host the world’s premiere [...]

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The Marvelous City: Rio de Janeiro!
24 November 2010

History & Legend of Máte

Máte this… máte that… hmmm a glass of cold slightly sweetened máte with lemon on the beaches of Rio. But really, does anyone know what the true nature of the mysterious yerba mate plant is??
The plant, Ilex paraguariensis, was first scientifically classified by Swiss botanist Moses Bertoni, who settled in Paraguay in [...]

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27 October 2010

Rio Máte at Expo East

Rio Mate participated in this year’s Natural Products Expo East in Boston, Massachusetts! The trade show provides unique buying opportunities for natural products. More than 21,000 industry members, including retailers, journalists, pioneers and entrepreneurs, explore more than 1,500 booths to find the leading natural products of tomorrow. Expo East also hosted the launch of, the natural, organic [...]

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22 September 2010

Rio Mate sponsors Brazil Day NYC!

Rio Mate recently sponsored the Brazilian Day event in New York City that featured Carlinhos Brown, Luciano Huck and many other NYC area Brazilian bands.
Brazilian Day is the biggest Brazilian event outside of Brazil and definitely a taste of pure Brazil right in the middle of the gritty city (much like Rio Mate itself). The [...]

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19 August 2010

Brazil in New York!

A brief summary and view on Brazil in New York City: the syncronicity, the Brasil Day events and the hot spots and coolness! New York is a little bit cooler these days because people everywhere can now find Rio Máte ice tea at select locations! (link coming soon!) And in honor of this I thought I’d do a little run down on the cool Brazilian happenings in New York.

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